ART - DIRK H. WILMS (2014)

Love Is A Mental Suicide.jpg

Dirk H. Wilms is from Germany, and works as a photographer and visual artist. His personal work has focused on self-portraits since 2001, the year he received his HIV diagnosis. The first few years after his HIV diagnosis he barely left his house. He was afraid to go out for almost four years. He thought everyone who sees him out there must know immediately that he carries the virus in him.

But he did not want to be forgotten. He wanted people to know after his death that he was in this world. And so he decided to start documenting his life, his fears and his physical decline in an artistic style. He was able to photograph and stay at home at the same time. The first traces left by this virus were to be seen on his face. Thus, the stylistic idea cam to cover his face on most of the photos.

birdy x1.jpg